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On October 18, Beijing time, at the beginning of the day, 4 shots behind, Russell Henley caught 3 birdies in the opening nine holes, shot 67, 5 under par, in CJ The Cup took a 3-shot lead before the start of the final round of Chuoyingxi.

北京时间10月18日,开局落后4杆,罗素·亨利(Russell Henley)在首个9洞洞抓下3个小鸟球,在CJ杯中打出67杆,低于标准杆5杆。决赛第一轮。

   Russell Henry got a lot of help from other players in the same group.

罗素·亨利(Russell Henry)从同组的其他球员那里得到了很多帮助。

   Xander Schauffele (Xander Schauffele) entered the weekend with a three-shot lead and two bogeys at the end of the game, failing to seize the opportunity of a five-hole and hit 74. Tyrrell Hatton did not birdie until the last hole and shot 73. Among the top 25 players, only two of them did not hit par.

Xander Schauffele(Xander Schauffele)进入周末,在比赛结束时以三杆领先和两个柏忌进入比赛,未能抓住五杆洞的机会并击中74杆。 73.在前25名选手中,只有两名没有达到标准杆。

   Russell-Henry’s putter is very suitable for hard, glass-like Chuoying Creek greens. He led the game in the most important putting category and finally took a 54-hole lead for the second time in his career.

罗素·亨利(Russell-Henry)的推杆非常适合坚硬的玻璃状Chuoying Creek果岭。他在最重要的推杆类别中带领比赛,并在职业生涯中第二次获得54洞领先。

   Russell Henry's three-round score was 201 (66-68-67), 15 under par.

罗素·亨利(Russell Henry)的三轮得分为201(66-68-67),低于标准杆15。

   Lando Griffin won the first PGA Tour victory at the Houston Open a year ago. On the 18th hole, a par-5 tee shot and a bogey, but still shot 66. He is tied for second place with Talor Gooch (69), Jason Kokrak (68), and Zander Sheoffel. Obviously, they are still in contention.

兰多·格里芬(Lando Griffin)一年前在休斯顿公开赛上赢得了首场PGA巡回赛冠军。在第18洞,一个5杆洞开球并吞下柏忌,但仍然打出66杆。他与Talor Gooch(69),Jason Kokrak(68)和Zander Sheoffel并列第二。显然,他们仍在争论中。

   Tyrell Hatton is in a five-shot group that includes defending champions Justin Thomas (68) and Jenson Day (66). Australian players are now trying to end a dry period that has not won the championship for more than two years.

泰瑞尔·哈顿(Tyrell Hatton首页)分为五人一组,其中包括卫冕冠军贾斯汀·托马斯(68)和简森·戴(66)。澳大利亚球员现在正试图结束一个缺水期,而干旱期已经超过两年了。

   McIlroy caught 3 birdies in the last three holes, shot 66 and rushed up, tied for tenth, with a score of 208 (73-69-66), 8 under par.


Russell Henry pushed everything in the bunker in front of the par 5 green on the 7th hole and started to close the gap, while Zander Cheofele missed the green on the 8th hole and swallowed the green. avoid.

罗素·亨利(Russell Henry)将所有东西推入第7洞5杆洞果岭前的沙坑中,并开始缩小差距,而Zander Cheofele错过了第8洞果岭并吞下了果岭。避免。

   When they switched, Russell Henry started to take off.


Russell Henry made a 25-foot birdie putt on the 10th hole. On the 11th hole, the par-four driver pierced the green, leaving himself with a simple all-putt and birdied again. . After that, he hit the ball to within 5 feet of the 12th hole and caught the third birdie in a row.

罗素·亨利(Russell Henry)在第十洞打了25英尺小鸟推。在第11洞,四杆洞的果岭车手刺入果岭,剩下的全部是简单的全押并再次加鸟。 。之后,他将球击至第12洞5英尺以内,并连续抓到第三只小鸟。

   Russell Henry ended up with 6 consecutive pars, missed the opportunity on two par-5 holes, but no one caught up with him.

罗素·亨利(Russell Henry)连续六次获得标准杆,在两个5杆洞错过了机会,但没人追上他。

   He reversed his fate on Saturday, but he knew what might happen next.


"Anyone will come at me," Russell Henry said. "You can hit low shots here. The greens are great, you can hit them, but you have to play well to do it. You have to do everything. Everything is done very well. I need to keep my head down and make another good round."

“任何人都会来找我,”罗素·亨利说。 “你可以在这里击低杆。果岭很棒,可以击中它们,但是你必须打得很好才能做到。你必须做所有事情。一切都做得很好。我需要保持低调,然后再做出一个选择。好回合。”

   Zand-Cheofele hoped to hit par at least this round, but he was not satisfied. He hit the par-3 on the 17th hole and the ball went into the very deep grass. His next shot was barely on the green, causing him to swallow the fourth bogey of the day. He hit the back of the 18th hole with two shots, entered the long grass again, and faced a downhill chip, his ball rolled all the way to the edge of the green.


Zander Cheofele likes to talk about "attitude scoring". Obviously, when the grass of Chuoying Creek is very long, there are few patrols, and a lot of search work, it takes 6 hours for a round. It's really hard for him to score.

Zander Cheofele喜欢谈论“态度得分”。显然,当中央营河的草很长时,巡逻很少,搜查工作很多,一轮要花6个小时。他真的很难得分。

   Sung-Hoon Kang knows this feeling. He used 11 strokes on the second hole, par-4, including two conceded goals. He spent more than 3 minutes searching, and finally returned empty-handed. He also played back a few balls to avoid trouble. But it was not successful.


  Zande-Sheoffel is not that troublesome, but it still feels the same.


"I try to figure out what is worse, the speed of the game, or the quality of golf," he said. "Today the two are even. I am not the kind of sour person, but this is a bad day. To me today It was the bad day of the whole week. But before Sunday, the day was over. Now 3 shots behind, I feel like I'm back in a familiar position."

他说:“我试图找出更糟糕的情况,比赛的速度或高尔夫球的质量。” “今天两人都平了。我不是那种发酸的人,但这是糟糕的一天。对我来说,今天是整周的糟糕一天。但是在星期日之前,这一天结束了。现在落后了三杆,我感觉自己回到了熟悉的位置。”

   Zand Cheofele was behind all 54 holes when he won the PGA Tour four times.

Zand Cheofele四次赢得美巡赛后,身处54个洞之内。

   The last time Russell Henry won the championship dates back to the 2017 Houston Open. In the last round, he caught up from behind by 4 strokes. Now he pulled a certain distance in Chuoying Creek, and held a hot putter in his hand on his favorite green.

罗素·亨利(Russell Henry)上一次夺冠是在2017年休斯顿公开赛上。在最后一轮,他从后面追赶了4杆。现在他在中央营溪拉了一段距离,并在他最喜欢的果岭上握着一个热推杆。